In-House Diagnostics

In-House Diagnostics

Quick and Accurate Diagnostics for Your Pets

The last thing you want as a pet parent is to wait on test results when your pet isn’t feeling well. The in-house laboratory at Brown Animal Hospital has the latest diagnostic equipment to provide timely results and get your pet back on their feet right away.

Preventive Lab Testing to Maintain Your Pet’s Health

We believe prevention is greater than a cure at Brown Animal Hospital. Our veterinary team performs regular lab testing during pet wellness exams to establish a baseline and ensure your pet is happy and healthy. Common preventive tests we perform include heartworm testing, blood panels, urinalysis, and fecal testing.

Rapid Diagnosis for Sick Pets

If your pet shows signs of potential illness, we can perform blood work, urine, and fecal tests to learn what’s wrong. Blood work gives our team insights into your pet’s liver and heart health and can help us diagnose chronic conditions like diabetes. Urinalysis and fecal testing provide insights into your pet’s kidney function and detect signs of potential parasites.

We Provide Transparent Testing Results

If you are concerned with your pet’s testing results, we are here to answer any questions. Our veterinary team will explain why we perform specific tests and what we find from the results. This transparency gives you the peace of mind that your pet’s well-being is our priority.

Contact Us About Our In-House Laboratory Services

Brown Animal Hospital is here to keep your pet happy and healthy. Contact our compassionate team of veterinarians today to learn more about our lab services or to schedule an appointment!