Digital Pet X-Rays

Digital Pet X-Rays

Rapid Imaging Results to Heal Your Pet

We know you want your pet healed as quickly as possible when they aren’t feeling well. Brown Animal Hospital has the latest digital pet X-ray equipment to diagnose potential illness or injury. Our digital imaging services offer rapid results to give you peace of mind.

The Benefits of Digital X-Ray

Digital pet X-rays have revolutionized the way veterinarians diagnose health problems. Instead of waiting days or weeks for image processing, our digital X-ray machine can provide high-resolution images in seconds. These crisp images give our veterinary team the best chance of properly diagnosing your pet’s condition without delay.

Conditions We Treat With Digital Pet X-Rays

The radiology services we provide at Brown Animal Hospital help us diagnose a variety of conditions. Whether your pet has suffered a recent injury or is showing signs of potential illness, our skilled veterinarians can use digital imaging to learn more about your pet’s internal health. We commonly use X-rays to identify potential fractures, organ abnormalities, foreign objects, bowel obstructions, and more.

Digital Imaging Services Are Safer for Your Pet

Digital pet X-rays use significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays. Our radiology services will decrease your pet’s radiation exposure. The digital X-ray process also takes less time than conventional imaging services, which reduces the need for anesthesia to keep your pet calm for an extended period.

Contact Us Today for More Information

Your pet’s well-being is our priority at Brown Animal Hospital. If your pet needs digital imaging services, we are here to help! Contact us today for more information about our radiology services or to schedule an appointment.